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Nicole Rousseau, is an expert career coach and trainer passionate about Millennials and intergenerational needs in a changing workforce. 

She has worked privately and in corporations coaching college students, management trainees, managers, and executive leaders.

She is known as an optimistic, creative, manager, coach, and leader. She believes that leading yourself, with the help of a coach, leads to tremendous growth, giving you more confidence and options in your future.

For more in-depth information on her career coaching see: Linkedin.com/in/nrousseau

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 Training generations. Coaching management.

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Motivating Millennials


Proven methodologies for companies when hiring, coaching, and managing Millennials. 

Through her expertise in designing, creating, and managing graduate talent programs, she has coached leadership to over 60 trainees and their managers. 

Nicole will help you define your strategic purpose, create programs, and help hire and manage employees that support your business needs and people strategy.

She has also has experience in cultivating high performing teams through facilitating business cases and team building offsites. 

She also provides private services for upcoming or recent graduates transitioning into the workforce.

Nicole also enjoys teaching Public Speaking as an Adjunct Professor at BMCC (CUNY).

Millennial Mindset


Transform your business by understanding Millennials and harnessing their energy! 

She will help your cooperation innovate, solve problems, and create programs that support your business' needs. Focusing on values, people, and strategy. 

Celebrating and foster the power and differences of all the generations, by 'translating' and finding common ground. Once there is understanding, and all feel a part of the process, that's when the magic begins; where we can work together and learn from each other. 

Having a culture that values inquiry, openness, and innovation is the business of the future. 

Through her expertise in designing, creating, and leading graduate talent programs, She has coached many student, trainees, managers, and executives to have a greater understanding of the power of Millennials.

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