"Nicole was an influential manager and role model during my time as one of 28 Trainees in the Graduate Development Program. We were the first class to go through a completely new model of the program that Nicole developed to align with the needs of both the organization and entry level talent in the industry. Her ability to develop such a strong program made HSBC a competitive employer for entry level talent and was apparent by both the backgrounds of the classes that she hired and the significant growth in the retention of Trainees." - Elina Khaymovich, Vice President Marketing Strategy at Wells Fargo


Nicole's Millennial Mindset presentation to a group of our outstanding young leaders was very experienced, enlightening, and sometimes shocking. She was very open and allowed our team to challenge her with a lot of dialogue and questions. The presentation helped our future leaders understand the way Millennials think and act, and it's far from what we were used to or imagined. The way Nicole presents is through a conversation and all her examples were very helpful. I highly recommend this presentation which has even greater value in light of the major changes that our generations are going through. Looking forward to the opportunity to have our teams participate in her other course, Motivating Millennials, as well.

- Ziv Biron: CFO, Head of Strategy, Planning & Finance Division at Discount Bank


"Nicole took a long standing program from one that had churned out average rated employees who were relegated to branch and back office roles with a high turnover rate - into a program where business functions were actually competing to get the employees to join their team once they graduated from the program.  This complex work exemplifies Nicole’s skill set as a strategic thinker and visionary, who was able to use the power of persuasion to drive positive change. I can’t recommend her enough to your organization and believe that her experience will prove to be incredibly valuable for helping to teach and guide Millennials." - Debra Russeth, Head of Marketing Strategy, HSBC Commercial Banking


Nicole has the right balance of background knowledge over many years as well as a unique ability to relate to younger people and help them in their challenges. Over the course of the summer, she was able to gain our daughter's trust and then build from there to support her in the areas that she needed help the most. By the end of the summer, we saw positive changes in our daughter – even with a job, a new city, working as an intern, and with other commitments. She became more calm and relaxed than we had seen her in years. We would highly recommend Nicole Rousseau.

- Dan Katz: Business Owner